Tuesday, October 7, 2014

11 and 12 October-Don't miss an unique event in Bucharest

"Tarafuri si Fanfare" festival is an unique event happening this weekend at the National Village Museum in Bucharest."Taraf" means a small musical band composed from two to 10 performers,based on traditional string instruments,but using sometimes an accordion or drum also.They sing at feasts in villages,at weddings and funerals also.Generally,  the performers have not musical studies,they learned the songs from older masters :traditional songs as ballads , party songs,wassaling songs etc.All is based on their native talent.Their music is"the primordial music" transformed in centuries,in some regions like Maramures the songs are preserved up to 2000 years ago.Some of this bands are now international celebrities and have concerts over the world,others are performing in their own region and work in agriculture between the popular events

Traditional dulcinner

Traditional romanian Kobsa

Traditional wind instruments are the shepherdpipe and panpipe.The wind groups were initially formed at the feasts of shepherds in springtime and autum.Later,in  XVII century,the brass instruments were adopted

Every year,this  festival brings together such bands from different regions of Romania,performing in a beutiful village museum.This is the unique occasion to listen the real traditional Romanian music and to approach the Romanian people soul

So,come with us to dance and enjoy the music!

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  1. Hey have never heard about these kind of events before, it’s really unique. I am keen to know more about such concerts, Well It’s quite interesting. You know I have only seen traditional music, dance and art events NYC.