Sunday, September 21, 2014

Maramures Festival at The Village Museum

The Maramures Region is a special charming county of Romania.It was not occupied 2000 years ago by The Roman legions and all the Middle Age,due to the difficult acces, remains practically independent from the neighbour empires.Maramures had his own rulers,subordinated to the king of Hungary or Austrian emperror.So, in this space the Dacian Tradition is well preserved in all aspects: traditional costumes,wood civilisation,music,traditions and food .The Maramures peoples keep their traditional occupations  and habitudes.Speaking about wood civilisation we must mention the beautiful wood gates,marking the properties and the unique wood churches ,built without any metal components.Eight of these dating from XVII and XVIII centuries are on UNESCO heritage list.In 20 and 21 Sepember you can enjoy the food,drink,music,dances and handmades from Maramures at the Village Museum in Bucharest We offer to you some beautiful images from this fairytale region.Enjoy:

Traditional interior
Natural clothes washig machine

Traditional Maramures Inn

Old corn Water mill

Traditional distillery

Iza Valley

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