Thursday, April 10, 2014

Famous Dacian Helmets at The Romania's National History Museum in Bucharest

Aghigiol helmet,silver and gold IV century BC

                                                      Cucuteni helmet,gold VcenturyBC

In the VI century BC the Dacian society begins to agregate in small regional states,having a common religion and language, but different rulers.The helmet in precious metal was the singn of the suveranity and independence of the little state.The majority of such helmets were discovered in graves of rulers dated inIV century BC.The helmets prouve the high level of local jewelery masters,but also the intense commerce between this little states,because the gold and silver source was located 400Km to the north-west,in Apuseni mountains.The helmets are named with the discover locality names.All this little states were placed outside the Carpathian arch and is evident that their existence was related to the foreing danger.

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