Monday, March 3, 2014

Dinogetia Treasure at The Romania's National History Museum in Bucharest

After the Roman retreat from Dacia in the III-rd century remains a territory under Roman authority.This
was the land between the Danube and the Black Sea which was integrated into another province.This land
was vital for Romans in order to keep the commercial cities from the Sea border,founded centuries ago by the  Greeks.Dinogetia was a city-fortress placed near Danube,a real gate of entry in this territory actually namedDobrogea.Dinogetia had defense role against the migrattories,but also commercial and cultural     importance for the exchanges with the Daco-roman People remained outside of theRoman Empire new 
borders.The city was a very important center for the new Christian religion too,the majority of Daco-roman population beeing easier christianised by Saint Andrew in the First century,due to their ancient monotheist a religion.This was a rich city with a lot of silver and gold manufacturers. The fineart jewelry  discovered prouves the high level of civilisation of  the citisens.The Roman and later Byzantine city resisted up to
XIII-th century,when the tatar invasion destroyed  it definitively,but the beauty of the creations of his people remained and also their spirituality.                                                                                                              
Gold  and diamonds ring, IX century

engolpion XI century

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