Friday, April 26, 2013

,, A city of gardens and parks, of alleyways full of Balkan atmosphere, a city of daring asymmetries and of picturesque chaos, bucharest is also a city of syntheses, the only Eastern European capital city in which everywhere one can meet all the architectural styles of the continent: from the post - Byzantine to the Turkish rococo, from the French electicism and academicism worthy of the name of " little Paris", to the "Art Nouveau" and "Art Deco", from the neo - Romanian style of the Romanian Unification times to international cubism.
        On the other hand, one can also find a sacred architecture hiding indigenous meanings and dynastical ideologies, from "Radu Voda" to the "Cotroceni Palace" and to the bygone "Vacarest", a place of supreme Eminescian stops and of Arghezian modernism, but also of European avant-garde synchronies, a place of national dramatic art, from "Noaptea furtunoasa" to "Domnisoara Nastasia", a place of musical keys coming from all the horinzons, from Anton Pann's liturgical - folkloric hymns to Enescu's creations."
Acad. Razvan Teodorescu 

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